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The Farm At The Loft

The Farm At The Loft

God has blessed us abundantly with 14.5 acres of land, three barns, a pond and an incredible vision! We want to see our land be used to bring people into deeper relationship with their Creator through his creation. In our modern world we are losing touch with the soil, with the sun, with the very food that we eat. Our vision is to create a place where people can get back to the very earth that we are made from. We are in the planning and praying stages but God is forming the vision.

Image by Greta Farnedi

Community Garden

where anyone can come and learn how to plant and harvest, have a safe and peaceful place to retreat, get some food if they need it and spend time with God. Much of what is grown will be given back to those in need through various community and faith based organizations. We will also offer this garden to school groups, office retreats and other church groups to learn about farming and the land. We will start small but in time the vision is to grow this garden into  a highly productive operation.


Community Supported Agriculture, or crop-sharing is  great opportunity for people to be connected with the food that they eat and know where it comes from and, if they so desire, be a part of the process. Church members would have the opportunity to either buy a share in harvest that the garden produces or buy a plot and grow whatever they want on that plot. In the future we plan to have a livestock CSA as well, starting with meat chickens and eggs. The CSA would all be for the benefit of the members, with no profit coming to The Loft

Animal Therapy

At one time, this property was a sheep farm and we would love to see a flock of sheep return to the property. We have a passion for livestock, with a small flock of chickens already in residence. A big dream is to see sheep, goats, chickens, cows, horses, etc on the farm serving as therapy animals. There are so many people that can and do benefit from therapy animals, including people with Autism, people with physical handicaps, people with PTSD, including veterans and the elderly and people that could just use a hug from a goat!. This is a big vision but one that we believe that God can make a reality.

Sheep Farm

Our hope is that The Farm would be a place where people feel safe to come and escape for a little while and find peace, find rest and find God.